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The Route

Where am I sailing with Footloose

My route I am planning to go is not for my whole voyage sure. Too many factors are playing a roll. Besides that, I want to be flexible. I always try to be able to switch plan when necessary. While sailing I always have a Plan A, B and C in my mind.


I want to sail around the world. This voyage can take many years. Here in the Caribbean you have the Hurricane season. From June until December I will not sail in the area where hurricanes can appear. 

Footloose is at the moment in fresh water on the Rio Dulce in Guatemala. I will get her ready for the Pacific and will sail to Panama to go through the canal at the end of the hurricane season. As soon as I am on the other side of Panama I have the whole Pacific in front of me with again many choices. At the moment I Iike the idea of sailing straight to the Marquises the best. 

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